I.                   Week : The Recent Internal and External Economic Development and major Issues in the Turkish Economy.; 2006-2009
II.                Week : Economic Situation and European Union (EU) countries; Economics Impact of Turkish Labour Migration in Turkey and EU countries.
III.             The Economic and Monetary Integration (Union) in the EU.
IV.              Week : The Ankara Agreement, Additional Protocol and developments during the 1959-1990 between Turkey and The European Community.
V.                 Week : The Rules and Regulations and The Economic Impact of Customs Union (CU) Between Turkey and EU; 1995-2008
VI.              Week : EU’s Accession Partnership with Turkey (APT) and Framework Regulation, December 2000.
VII.           Week : Turkey’s National Programme (TNP) for The adaption of the EU’s acquis, April 2001 and 2003 and April 2003.
VIII.        Week : The APT with Turkey and Framework Regulation, December 2008.
IX.             Week : Mid-term EXAMINATION
X.                Week : The TNP for the adaption of EU’s acquis, December 2008.
XI.             Week : Regular Report on Turkey’s Progress Towards Accession, (Progress Report), October 2003-October 2008.
XII.          Week : Some important issues and negotiations between Turkey-EU toward full membership of EU: 2005-2009.
XIII.       Regional Trade Arrangements of Turkey : Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), Black See Economic Cooperation (BSEC) and Others.
XIV.        Week : Recent Developments, Enlargement, and the Future of EU and Turkey.